Holy Molars! Where’d you get that? October 2010//Denton

So part of what i want to do on this blog is show you what people are wearing out on the town that they have purchased from thrift or vintage stores. Those of you that know me know that im out quite a bit (damn you nightlife!) so if i catch you in cheap threads, im gonna take pictures of you!

These are some of the cool things i found when i was out so far in October:

James Hogar :: I think almost everything he is wearing came from thrift stores. My favorite was the hat:

he was a great sport about it

Kayla & Jacob ::  proud to be Americans! And proud of being thrifty!

Robert :: one of the best shirts I’ve ever seen. Amazing!

Sabrina :: rocking some awesome studded boots. The studs were tiny and spaced out, pretty sweet. Kind of like a classy KISS boot.

I rocked the safari grandma shirt last Tuesday. Had some good responses. This was the best picture that was taken, sorry!

Ok guys more to come soon on this one. Im gonna be on the prowl for your thrift finds so let me know what you’re sporting! If you have some pictures you want to share please do! I know you wanna show the world your finds!

One Response to “Holy Molars! Where’d you get that? October 2010//Denton”
  1. Frances Kersey says:

    Hey sweetie, just checked you out. I liked your pics, you go girl!!!! You know I’ll always be in there cheering for you!!!!!!!! Love you, MiMi

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