Thrifting Lewisville//Friday, Oct. 15th

First and foremost, I really wanted to take the time out to thank you guys for checking this out! This blog is becoming my little baby now, and thank you for helping me nurture it. That’s not creepy right? Any way, please keep following and be sure to tell a friend!

Is it just me, or is the weather just getting better and better? I think most can agree, which is why most of us have been on the prowl for long sweaters. Eventually we (my shopping friends and I) want to make a trip out to American Apparel for some good leggings and tights to wear with our new sweaters. Those suckers last forever! When we do, don’t worry, I’ll be posting about it.

When I put my first post up it was followed with messages about my next adventure. I was planning on spacing them out a bit, but all the messages got me all giddy so I made the plans for Friday, Oct. 15th. We just ran around Lewisville, but the little town did not let us down. We had a blast and tried on many interesting articles of clothing. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The first store I wanted to stop at was one off the highway going back north on I-35. I had been to it years ago, so long in fact, I had no clue it was already shut down and that entire shopping center has since then been completely revamped. So, on to the next one, which was the Goodwill of Lewisville!
I had a debate with myself about doing chain thrift stores, but in the end, the chains won. I mean, they ARE thrift stores still, right? How could I not include them? Those seem to be the ones that most doners drop their old belongings off any how, because people shop there. Makes sense!

Obviously being a Goodwill, its enormous! This one was nice on the inside, very spacious and the racks were all color coordinated, just like my closet. The women’s section was an abundance of clothing, including lingerie:

Which really was just a plethora of pajama pants and I think I see some muu muu’s in there. I can’t really imagine some one wanting to use someone’s old sexy nighties. Gross!
I absolutely loved the skirt section. It was two long racks of every kind of skirt ever, and again, color coordinated and organized by size as well. How thoughtful Goodwill!

The sweaters they had were pretty good, this next one being my favorite:

Whoever put a grave stone on an old lady sweater was clever

Every cardigan needs fluffy green balls

Those of us preparing to be crazy cat ladies: Erin almost bought this.
Not just sweaters! Some awesome coats too.

The men’s section was okay, all I really saw was T-shirts and blazers, but a man looking for a blazer is… probably cute? Is that how that saying goes?

Of course, being me, I had to scope out the section that had the huge sign BOOKS hanging over it:

Also had a wide selection of all your 80’s and 90’s favs on VHS:

That was only half of them. Sorry it’s so blurry, it was the excitement! I found one VHS I gave a good home to:

I’m pretty sure I used to own this, now it’s back in the right hands. I also took a book home too:

The decor section was kind of crazy, but it was in its own way, categorized. It was a lot to see, but I found the section meant for Denton:

Bike helmets and frisbees!

And the award for most interesting:

A wall of adult diapers!

This is what we walked away with:

I’m going to hem this into a shorter skirt!

Erin’s awesome finds

Rachel, workin’ it! The sweater, skirt, red belt, and lavender western shirt were all Goodwill finds

Kayla’s fine finds!

We found some amazing things at the Goodwill in Lewisville, had a blast looking at all the awesome, cute, strange, and insane items they had to offer. It also has a pretty big selection of shoes, which we all know, are a girls REAL best friend. Most of the clothes are pretty cheap, though some of the shirts were a little more than I wanted to pay for (I don’t know why I’m complaining, the most expensive shirt was maybe $6 or $7 bucks). It’s one I would highly recommend if you are in the area, even if you aren’t. Ooo, and they are having a sale this weekend on Saturday, Oct. 23. A sale? At a thrift store? Oh yeah. Check it out!

Goodwill Store of Lewisville
919 W. Main St.
Lewisville 75067

Ok next on our list after filling our bellies with awesome food from Market Street (I eat there once a week), we went off to the Shalom Thrift store. That’s right:

I saw this one riding to the bank with Jennifer the other week and decided I needed to take a gander. It’s in a strange little shopping center off Edmonds, surrounded by other little religious shops of sorts. It was very small on the inside, it reminded me more of a garage sale that was held inside a house. I also found it sort of funny that a little mexican lady was running the shop. She was super sweet, communicating was a little difficult, but she was helpful and friendly.

The shop had some cool decor, there were some awesome gold vine decorations, nice vases (Erin bought two, but broke one of them when she got home, sad day) and a ton of little toys. Most of the clothes weren’t anything special but we saw some stuff worth the trip:

These were cool, too bad my feet are clown feet.

Kayla got this awesome Peggy Bundy top there

Erin got this nice book bag for $5

I’d recommend this place if you are bored in Lewisville, but I wouldn’t really make a special trip here. The customer service was good, and the store was fun to look through, but the pickin’s were slim. Probably wouldn’t go for the clothes if I were you.

Address to be posted later

Our last (but most certainly not least!) stop was CCA Resale off 121. Most of my thrifty friends know about this place already and rightfully so.

 It’s got a section for pretty much every thing you need in a house (except they didn’t have a wall of adult diapers). The racks are a little unorganized, but if you don’t mind sifting through the clothes, it’s got a pretty awesome selection.

They were having a sale the day we went in too, which is always welcome in my book.

I wonder what color they are talking about?

Rachel’s dream purse. She turns it to the blank side for the hotties.

Erin’s biking plan for wintertime

I saw some cute dresses, but I couldn’t really spend any money this time around but this one was my favorite:

The men’s section had some awesome sweaters. I saw a few I really liked, so one of you boys needs to buy them up! (I’m not really sure what my deal is with the Cosby sweaters at the time but I love them!)

I love the purpley/black one.

almost bought this one, but left it behind. I hope it gets a deserving owner!

So if the clothes aren’t worth going for (which they should be!) then the different rooms of neat things for your house should be. Like this room full of lamps:


Or maybe you need to improve your exercise routine:

Rachel just made it her own personal gym

There is also a ton of old couches that seemed like they were still in great condition. Something to check out if you’re in the market:

They had a room for media, of course full of discarded VHS tapes, books (why would any one give away a book?!), records, and CD’s

Among these, we saw Barbara Streisand’s “Wet”

Learned a few things in this little gem

Guess where every VHS copy of “Top Gun” is

Now offering comics!

There was also a ton of frames scattered about. I was looking for some to frame some concert posters, but I didn’t have any luck this time around. I’m going to keep my hopes up though.

There were shelves upon shelves of random items, trinkets, statuettes, even one dedicated to wicker baskets (Easter time!). This was the creepiest knickknack I saw:

You tell me what item I think is creepy.

There was a room full of abandoned toys that also felt creepy to me. I couldn’t force myself to go in there for some reason, but I took this picture from the outside:

Is it just me?

Well, this is what we walked away with:

Guess who? Oh yeah, that was totally me.

Rachel got those awesome shoes and a belt to work with the shirt she bought at GW

Kayla found a skirt in one of my favorite colors, a cardigan, and a cool antique looking frame. It better inspire some art soon girl!

Erin found a cute old lady sweater, again, in a great color!

I don’t think I need to tell most of you how awesome CCA is, cause you might already know, but let this be a reminder to you. It’s cleaner and more spacious than most thrift stores, and it still has a ton of stuff to look through. I for sure want to go back and search through the frames and clothes when I have money burning in my pocket. Like I said, if you happen to be on a budget, check out some of the furniture or just some of the decor. Some of the cheesy posters were pretty awesome too. Check it out!

CCA Resale
2202 S State Highway 121
Lewisville, TX 75067

Alrighty kids, that’s all I’ve get for now! If you have any places for me to check out, photos or experiences you would like to share, or suggestions in general, please e-mail me at I would LOVE to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time out to read this!

Stay holy!

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  1. HOT BABES IN THE CITY! I know the thrift store you’re talking about in Lewisville that has shut down. I used to find some rad pieces there. Boohoo

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