I Found the Time! December 6th//Forth Worth, Tx

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It’s been quite a while since I have last posted, and for this I apologize. I’ve been so busy with everything else going on like packing, work, trying to plan shows… not to mention a little too broke to shop! My goal was to shop a little in Austin while I was down for Fun Fun Fun Fest, but there was absolutely no time during the day, my time was dedicated to watching bands in a dusty park drinking expensive beer, and it was amazing! This week I did find time to stop by one thrift store in Fort Worth though, we were on a mission to find sweaters for my photo shoot (in the previous blog) and trying to find something hot for New Years. While none of us had any luck with the New Years dresses, we did find some awesome things at this thrift store. With out any further ado, let’s get on with the new mini adventure, shall we?

Ok so our one stop was called Thrifty Town. There are apparently several locations in Texas, and of course I plan to attack them all.

If you see this, you could be in the right place.

When we first (note, at FIRST! It gets way better) walked in, to be honest, I was not impressed. I looked around and it seemed small. The clothes were boring. But they did have the Buffalo Exchange thing going on by putting outfits together and hanging them from the ceiling, which I thought was clever.

What did i tell you about those outfit ideas?!

I walked around on the first level and saw nothing that really caught my eye. These clothes on the first level are on racks marked “Better Clothes” but I believe that was more for the folks looking for name brands or styles that are a little more in. I’m looking for the stuff no one else wants. I wondered around a little more and found the shoes, which had a pretty wide selection. One of the things Thrift Town prides themselves on (according to their website AND their stores) is they categorize everything by department, size (like most thrift stores), and COLOR! I thought that was pretty neat. I couldn’t find anything I really liked in my size, but maybe next time!

No thrift store is complete without holiday vests! To bad there wasn’t many holiday sweaters.

I then decided to wander off to the book/VHS section of the store (as you know by now, my favorite section) and found some pretty awesome stuff. For some reason I only took a picture of Fire-Starter (bought by Jennifer) but you can see the books in the background. I think I was too distracted by the books and movies, so I forgot my real purpose.

I’ll show you what else we found at the end!

So onward I moved to the second level, and let me just say when I realized that there was a second level I felt stupid, and I then had become impressed with Thrift Town and all it’s glory.

It’s even bigger than my brain could handle.

It’s split up so that women’s clothing is on the left, men’s on the right, and kids in between them towards the back. There are markers on the racks to help you search for any particular needs, even if you are looking for “vintage” styles.

Ye be warned: It was all a bunch of sequined old church lady blouses.

I had already seen Rachel walking around with a sweater I knew I was going to be envious of, so I got to work picking through the sweaters and tops:

This would have been so awesome, if it didn’t look like I was trying to smuggle pillows in it.

 I also searched through pantsuits:

I decided it wasn’t pink enough.

I did have my eye on this awesome jacket though:

Sadly, I left it behind. I hope some one deserving nabs it!

Like any good thrift store, Thrift Town has a giant section of things to make your house a home. I didn’t really get a good look at all the appliances, but I took a gander at some of the glassware, frames, ect.

Hey look! Stuff!

Rachel spotted a pretty awesome hat:

Our cart of loot!

One thing I completely regret not buying and have lost sleep over?

Only the coolest ship in the galaxy. I failed.

Now it’s time to brag about the things that I bought ya, and by ya, I mean myself. Or, ourselves…

This is the sweater Rachel bought I was telling you I’m envious of! It’s great! The purse is awesome as well, I saw her rockin’ it today. She said she just reached in the purse bin and it came to her. It was meant to be!

Jennifer took that black sweater when I put it back. I can feel better it went to a good home. She also picked up these:

Classics! I can die happy knowing some one else likes “Look Who’s Talking”.

I found another great old lady shirt! I love the pattern on this, and I don’t care if it’s too big!

I left the brothers of this little guy behind, one was enough.

Jennifer bought the matching one, so she can always be reminded of me! Don’t smash it!

Ok, if you have been following my blog, please tell me you have noticed that I collected all three original Star Wars VHS tapes, in order, a new one every time I go on an adventure. I’ve completed my collection!!! I was pretty proud! Now I need one more Spice Girl VHS tape.

I was so surprised to find this book! It had been recommended to me, and I kept wanting to buy it, and now I finally own it! It seems appropriate I found it here for some reason.

To help escape…

I have a scarf sort of similar to this one and I love it! Adding to the collection!

This was the sweater I bought. It’s got sparkles!

Guess who bought the hat?

Alright let’s wrap this up. I really liked Thrift Town! It was well organized, it wasn’t a total mess inside, and it had a pretty wide selection of clothing. Im glad it made me eat my first words. There were quite a few people shopping around in there too so that has to say something, right? Thrift Town has a website as well, so you can check out a location a little closer to you. One thing I noticed on their website is they were advertising that they have been “Green Since 1972”. I clicked on their “green” link to see what this was all about. Apparently in a Sacramento fashion show, some of Thrift Town’s reused clothing was featured. I thought that was pretty awesome. If that doesn’t sell you, maybe all their awards will. But, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Thrift Town
6601 Boulevard 26
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
Corner of Blvd. 26 Hwy & Rufe Snow



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