The First Thrift Adventure of Austin//Tuesday, Feb. 22 2011

Hello my faithful readers! I wanted to start this out by thanking everyone for their positive feedback. I’ve seen a few of you guys out at the bars and you have said some inspiring things to me and it’s made me want to continue doing this. I also have to apologize for not updating as much as I have wanted to, but most of you know I was recently in the process of moving and going through a bit of a rough spot financially. I’m still settling into Austin, and if you are interested in my life in Austin at all I would love for you to check it out @

I work at the Toni&Guy at Hill Country Galleria, and on the way to work I pass a few Goodwills. There are quite a few in the north and west parts of Austin so slowly but surely I will make my way through them, I hope! I checked out one on 620 for my lunch break today and found some pretty neat stuff!

Swanky eh??

At first I was the only shopper under 60 there, but later on a few people my age walked in to rummage through the goods. It’s smaller than most of the Goodwills I have been to, but that was good because today I was on a time limit, and those of you that have been shopping with me know that I have to pick through all the corners of the store.

It’s separated into Men’s, Women’s, Children and odds and ends like most Goodwills, and those sections have subsections. Whats really awesome about this one is that the shirt sections (ready for it??) HAVE ONE PRICE! There is a red paper with the price of the section printed on it. The short-sleeved shirts were around $4 and the sweaters a little more. Some shirts did have their own price, depending on the quality. They were also color coordinated, like my closet, which is kind of cool, even though personally I never shop for a particular color when I shop for shirts. I guess some people do!

So the shirts were pretty fair priced, I didn’t see much that really struck me, but I did find a shirt. Don’t worry, I will show you later!

One thing I noticed is that there was an abundance of clothing that was from Target clearance, which is awesome cause now I have a second chance to scoop up things that weren’t worth getting the second time. Oh Target, how I love you.

There were a ton of other sections I was trying to make my way through, I didn’t really look through the jeans. I’ve been trying to save up for a good pair of black skinny jeans so I avoided the pants section cause I don’t think I would have much luck there. Lot’s of flares. It’s been a little while since my legs have had room in my pants.

I guess I could’ve got those sweet black shorts. My loss.

The blazers were really awesome, I don’t see blazer sections often, and this one I definitely plan on checking out again with more time and money. There was a Michael Kors blazer in the mix, just to prove how swanky this place is.

You know how much I love me some blazers! At least, you should. If you love me. And no color is left behind. Nice.

Oh more proof I was in swankysville?

Hey these are still in style, right??

This place did have a ton of purses hanging from the racks of clothes. It made it easier to look at the various choices they had to offer. Nicer than having to dig through a big old bin.

One thing I have noticed is all the Goodwills I have been to have a section dedicated to those of you wanting to spice up the bedroom:

Seriously people, if you buy your lingerie from Goodwill, I will disown you. As much as I love second-hand, I have a limit. Please say you do too. I would never ever want to risk wearing some poor old dead ladies sexy wear. Yuck.

One dead lady article of clothing I would totally wear:

A sweet, sweet coat.

I didn’t really look though the coats or jackets because, let’s face it, it’s getting hot already. Living in Austin is even more of an excuse to steer clear of any warm clothes.

In the back of the store, of course, was all the dishware/toys/home decor. I walked around it for a second and saw some pretty cool stuff.

They actually had some pretty nice dish sets.  I will keep them in mind for the future…

For all you snow globe collectors. You don’t even need to visit the cities any more!

These piggy banks were really cute, but too bad they probably only hold about $5.

I glanced at the men’s section but didn’t really get to check it out. There were a ton of dress shirts which was nice, if you are into that sort of thing.

The book/media section was sort of scarce, I wasn’t really able to check it out because a cute older couple was in my way and a cute my age guy was in my way (really cute, seriously.) I squeezed my way through so I could show you. You’re welcome.

Ok well now that you have seen most of the shop, let me show you my purchases!

Awesome grandma sweater, even though this might be the last week I can wear it for the year. Oh well, it will be worth it!

A Jagermeister shot glass I bought for my dad, because I’m the best daughter ever!

I finally got a new wallet! I’m so excited! I needed one so badly. My old one is falling apart…. This was a Target clearance find.

The loudest shirt ever, for one of the loudest girls ever.

I saw this tie and had to have it. I didn’t understand why no one had snatched it up yet. The cashier said that there wasn’t much of a market for ties there. I responded “More for me!”

These are two dresses I fell in love with, but I’m too…. curvy to fit into. Damn you dresses!!

It’s more frustrating to see them now. This dress is Jessica McClintock.

Too cute. Sad day.

Well, that my friends, was my thrift adventure for the time being. I like that I work in a rich people area cause now I can’t purchase their rich people clothes that are out of style. And I can be stylish in them.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Bekah says:

    haha love the blue sweater

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