Sweater Shoot//December

This post is the photos from my first ever Holy Molars photo shoot. I made my friends brave freezing cold weather just to model their best sweater finds from thirft stores in surrounding areas. I can’t thank my beautiful models enough, nor my photographer, who was very patient with me. I wanted to do this shoot so we could show people how we were putting outfits together with things we already had in our closet. The sweaters are all thrift/vintage and some of the accessories are as well. I hope to do more of these (expecially with kids from Denton, I only have around a month and a half with you guys!) to inspire more ideas for any one that follows. If you are interested in being a model, contact me and I’ll add you to my list: holymolars1251@gmail.com. Here it goes!

Location//The Square::Denton, Tx
Photographer::Clinton Lynch
Models//Erin Chalkley::Kayla Dockery::Krystal Gallardo::Natalie Hage::Ashley Hardinger::Tierneymarie::Jonathan Royster::Rachel Svadlenka::Jennifer Vidana

Thanks again everyone that participated! Remember to contact me if you have any interest in modeling for my next shoot!




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